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Each collection of pictures is unique because you are unique. Pam sees every wedding with fresh eyes then presents them in the artistic way. She gives no rules to her pictures and opens her mind to be ready for whatever will happen next. Real moment that tells the story is the most important thing. As a wedding photojournalist, her works cover an intimate wedding on the beach to luxurious exclusive weddings.


On such an emotional day you need to have a photographer who is talented enough to capture those incredible moments as they happen. We were lucky enough to find such a photographer, not only was Pam professional, friendly and helpful, but she was also able to disappear into the background and observe in a way that was needed for this type of naturalistic photography. My new husband and I couldn't be happier with the end result, we had the perfect wedding day and have been given the most amazing photographs to share with our loved ones forever. (Faye + Rob, UK) Everyone that has seen your photos has commented about the uniqueness of the shots and asked specifically - "who was the photograher" - thanks again for capturing our wedding with your unique style. (Oh + Vince, Bangladesh) First of all, thank you very much for capturing our wedding moment. We just have a chance to see the photos, yesterday. Because right after our wedding, we headed back to Shanghai, right away. Therefore, we have no way to see the photos earlier. But everything is worth the wait. To tell you the truth, like anyone else would have done, we did seek for another photographer (journalist style) on the same day when I met you for the first time in BKK. But my feeling is was right. The other guy didn't have what you had. Perhaps, because you are a female photographer and you can feel what the most bride would feel. Then you capture and present that moment exactly as it happened. Photography is one of my hobby as well, and I know that your equipment set is a top-notch as a tool of your profession. My recommendation to your potential client would be, tell Pam your idea then ignore her on your wedding day and let she do the magic! For anyone who are seeking for something special unlike a normal wedding studio, Pam is the one to be recommended. She is one of the earlier wedding photo journalist from Thailand. You won't regret. (TianYang + Tisak, Shanghai) Thank you so much, the wedding album was absolutely beautiful and we are very grateful for all the work that you have put into it. There are no words that describe how much we value you and your work and we are so grateful that we were able to have a picture of you with with us on the day. (Delilah + John, Australia) We got the pictures already and couldn't stop smiling. We felt like we're brought back to our wedding again. On that day, we didn't have time to catch up with all the guests so we would like to know how they felt about the party. After seeing your pictures, they showed us the whole story and some special moments that we hadn't seen and must be regret if we missed them. Also, my parents and relatives said to me that you're active, friendly and easy to work with. I believe you must be tired like we were. Thank you so much. It's very nice to meet you. (Ann + Kasem, Thailand) Excellent work! We love the pictures.You may seriously be getting more Singaporean couples like us, knocking on your doors soon! =) We had a great time in BKK. You were indeed a very nice photographer, guide and host! We really appreciate the extra efforts you put in i.e. waiting for us endlessly, taking us back in a taxi etc. (Fereen + Chuen Peng, Singapore) I would strongly recommend Pam to anyone. Throughout the entire process of our wedding, she was obliging, accessible, and very professional. On the day of the wedding, she was brilliant at capturing the natural, unforced moments that we were hoping to get, all whilst being completely inconspicuous to the guests. The book was made of high quality material, and was beautifully layed out. All round our experience with Pam was fantastic and of a higher standard in service then what I believe we would have received her at home. Thanks again for everything Pam. (Trish + Craig, Australia) The photos are wonderful. You really captured the essence of our special day. When I showed Phit, I could see in her eyes that she was touched. You did a tremendous job of finding the small moments well as the obvious ones. There are photos in the slide show that I keep wondering how you were able to take them and not be intrusive. Amazing. (Phit + Dan, USA) We received our photos and they are great. We are extremely happy with your work with our wedding photos. We had high expectations after seeing your website, and you exceeded those expectations, and did an exceptional job, considering our private ceremony, and only two guests to work with. Some of our friends and family shed a few tears while watching the slideshow, and we feel you captured the emotion of the day perfectly. We can’t thank you enough for taking the photographs on our special day Pam, and at the end of the day, we felt you were a good friend. We would recommend you to anyone, who values a photographer that has such a unique style and can capture and arrange photos like a true artist, to look no further than you Pam, you made our day the best ever. Thank you Pocket Rocket. Our best wishes and love (Chris + Les, Australia) Love it, love it, love it - what wonderful pictures! You really were able to capture the essence of the day! I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know we received our wedding album over the weekend - it looks fantastic! We had some of our friends over who were also at the wedding and they raved about how it was the best wedding album they have ever seen - full credit to you, thank you!! I hope all else is travelling well with you and rest assured if I hear of anyone travelling to Asia for their nuptials I will send them your way! (Anneke + Pete, UK) Your photos are wonderful and passionate unlike other photographers especially when watching slideshow, I am able to see the life from them. I would say confidently that I am happiest to appoint you as the photographer in our wedding kub. I will introduce to those who are looking for photographer for their event kub. Thank you very much again to make the masterpiece for our moment :-) (Tai + Noom, Thailand) Thank you so much to Pam for the spectacular photos of our special day! Pam flew from Bangkok to shoot our Phuket wedding and boy are we so glad that we went with her and the photojournalist style...As we're living now in the USA and our family are in Australia, I've already printed out the photos and sent to our families... they absolutely love the photos like we do and we're actually so amazed by the quality of her creativeness and flair to capture natural moments. I swear that throughout the reception I really didn't even notice her there snapping away and the photos of that night just came out perfect! Thanks again to Pam and her assistant - I know it was such a long long day but they both were so lovely to work with! Highly recommended! (Mimi + Andrew, USA/Australia) We just got them thanks ! We've been so busy with a new business that we've only just looked at the photos last night. We love them very much, you did a fantastic job ! I especilally appreciate the skill it took as I'm interested in photography and done some myself too. Wedding photographers of your level are appreciated by the couple very much of course, but still very much underestimated. To capture the quantity of photos you did and to have so many amazing images with so little time (just a few hours) is amazing. I understand how quickly things move at a wedding, how difficult the different lighting and angles can be, especially when you don't intrude in the wedding at all and work with what is presented. The work that goes in to the photography and the concentration involved throughout the day to get the images is huge. These fleeting moments slip by so quickly and many are often un-noticed by the human eye, but they are captured by your lens and the moment remains forever :) So thanks very much for what you've done, you're photos are fantastic and will remain in our family and give pleasure for many years to come. Best wishes and good luck with your career. (Oksana + Simon, UK) The photos are absolutely AMAZING!!!! You have captured all the wonderful moments that I was looking for. Thank you so much!!!! When I watched the slideshow, I started crying again because it vividly tells a beautiful story. I'm so glad that I found you and you came to Chiang Mai. Oliver and I were lucky to have you :) (Melissa + Oliver, USA) Patty just got home this morning from work in Europe and we straight away opened the album from you. We are very pleased and thrilled about having this beautiful piece of work as a lifetime memory for us. Thank you for your outstanding work - we will contract you again at our 25th anniversary ;-) (Patty + Sune, UAE) We just wanted to tell you thank you! You were great to work with and so professional! We know you tried your very best. You and your Assistant really worked to get the most beautiful pictures of us ,and we really appreciate it. We could tell that you really cared and that made us feel so good. I would recommend you to anyone!!! Thank you for capturing a very special time for us. (Karmyn + Winston, USA) When we were looking for a wedding photographer, we asked a few friends for recommendations, visited some websites and generally searched for photographers that seemed to take great pictures. Honestly, we really didn’t think much of it. “Find wedding photography” was just another task that needed to be checked-off of a growing list of wedding ‘to-do’s. We knew that we wanted good pictures of the wedding, but, beyond that, we really didn’t know what was possible. One night, my wife and I stumbled upon K.Pam’s website, and we started perusing the site. Needless to say, we were literally stunned by the slideshow presentations that K.Pam had created for her clients, and we watched in awe as some of the most beautiful and emotional pictures that we had ever seen passed before our eyes. Quickly, we contacted her and, thankfully, she was available to photograph our wedding. Later on, when we told people who we had chosen as our wedding photographer, anyone who had heard of her mentioned the exact same thing: “Wow – you just found one of the best wedding photographers in Thailand.” This, of course, created very high expectations. We recently received the link to our slide show presentation. Words simply cannot express how delighted we were with what we saw!! Not only did K.Pam have an amazingly keen photographic eye, but more importantly, she captured the nostalgic mood, each beautiful moment, and the exquisite magic of our wedding celebration with breathtaking emotion and astounding beauty. I just couldn’t be happier! Throughout the process of working with K.Pam, she was extremely responsive, courteous and exceedingly professional. I will, without a doubt, highly recommend her to be the photographer for any occasions that I know about. Thank you so much, K.Pam,for depicting our wedding memories in the most beautiful way possible! Your talent is simply priceless. (Pui + Patrick, Thailand) Oh my God, what can I say... I have watched it 6 times now and have cried everytime. You have truly captured the moment and told a great story with the chosen shots. I am so happy with what you have done and think you are amazing. I can't believe how much you have taken in that short amount of time and being so discreet. I think it is perfect! Thank you so much. I am so glad I chose you for my special day. My sister would also like you for her wedding early next year but is not sure if you are willing to fly to Australia but I will get her to contact you as soon as she has a date. Thanks again (Jasmine + Andrew, Australia)

Pam & Scott

Mandarin Oriental | Bangkok, Thailand  ||  YL Residence | Samui, Thailand


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Desert Palm Resort | Dubai


Michele & Ladislao

Discovery Bay | Hong Kong


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Anantara | Trang, Thailand


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Trisara | Phuket, Thailand


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Rayavadee | Krabi, Thailand


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